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Book World in a nutshell

Svět knihy Company

Svět knihy, Ltd. – we are a company of the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers. Our main activities include the holding of the international book fairs and literary festivals Book World Prague and Book World Pilsen.


Book World Prague

International book fair and literary festival – the biggest celebration of books in the Czech Republic. 4 days, 50 000 visitors, around 400 exhibitors, 800 guests, 650 accompanying programmes.


Book World Pilsen

International book fair and literary festival – autumn book event held at the DEPO2015 venue since 2018, presenting book production from over sixty publishers. The region of Pilsen hosts dozens of Czech and foreign authors, presenting themselves in a two-day colourful showcase of genres and literary programmes.

Book World Online

#kulturazije – we are interested in everything concerning books. During the quarantine we wasted no time and introduced an array of Czech authors: interviews with them and the readings they performed are available online. Follow our YouTube channel.


Books and Personalities